Bronze no Rio 2016, Kerri Walsh decide boicotar a etapa de Chicago do Circuito Americano de Vôlei de Praia - Surto Olímpico


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Bronze no Rio 2016, Kerri Walsh decide boicotar a etapa de Chicago do Circuito Americano de Vôlei de Praia

Medalhista de bronze nos Jogos de 2016, Kerri Walsh Jennings (USA) decidiu boicotar a etapa de Chicago (USA) do Circuito de Vôlei de Praia dos Estados Unidos, a última da temporada.

O principal motivo do boicote, anunciado no Instagram da atleta, é o teste de duas regras novas pela Associação Profissional de Vôlei de Praia (AVP), que, segundo Walsh, não foram discutidas com os jogadores,

My husband, @caseytjennings and I have chosen to NOT play in the @avpbeach Pro Tour event in Chicago his weekend and here's why. The short reason is because there is a major disconnect between AVP ownership & the players and it affects the legitimacy and integrity of our sport. I want to take this chance to explain myself and to share my perspective, because it is A VERY BIG DEAL for me to choose to miss an event. Basically, the AVP has decided to use the event in Chicago as a "TEST" event for two new rules they want to try out. Rule 1: Server will receive another service attempt if their first attempt hits the net & falls inbounds. (Similar to tennis) Rule 2: The score will freeze at match point and from then on teams must score a "real" point. Basically it's back to the "old school" rule for the final point. Now, I am not a fan of either of the rule changes, but that is not why I am sitting out. I am BOYCOTTING because of the fact that the AVP ownership decided to change the rules of the game WITHOUT honestly or meaningfully discussing it with the Player Committee or the athletes on tour. This has never happened since I started playing this game 15 years ago (for good reason), and it's crazy to me that the AVP would choose their "Championships" to test out some new rules. I wonder how the MLB athletes would respond to the rules of their game being changed for the World Series. This is obviously not a fair comparison, but you get my point! It doesn't make sense. In my opinion, this is utterly disrespectful of each and every athlete who virtually pays to work for the sport we all love and it is utterly disrespectful to the game itself. The reason behind these rule changes is that ownership wants to make our game "more compelling". ✨Please go to my FB page for the rest of my post ✨
Uma foto publicada por Kerri Walsh Jennings (@kerrileewalsh) em

Uma seria semelhante ao tênis, em que caso o serviço bata na rede e caia dentro na área de jogo adversária, o saque será repetido. A outra seria semelhante a regra antiga da pontuação no vôlei. Em que no ponto do jogo, quem sacar para fechar o jogo tem que confirmar a vantagem para fechar a partida.

Walsh, que faz dupla com April Ross (USA), perdeu pela primeira vez um jogo em Olimpíadas para Agatha e Barbara nas semifinais dos Jogos do Rio e ganharam o bronze contra Larissa e Talita.

A etapa será realizada entre os dias 1º e 4º de setembro.

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